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Golf Games
Get it done - All in One Shot!


When playing golf, here are a few tips to speed up your play:

  • Think ahead to what your next shot should be as you approach the location of the ball.
  • Look for distance markers as you move towards the ball to assist with your club selection.
  • If your ball is headed to a treed or rugged area, follow it as long as possible, focusing on a reference point to assist you in locating the ball when you get to that point.
  • When you approach the green, place your bag, cart or power cart beside or behind the green in the direction of the next hole.
Here are a few interesting games you can play, next time you are out with friends:
  • Skins can be played with two, three or four players. Each hole is attributed to a point total. A player claims that total when they win a hole outright not ties. If the hole is tied, the value of that hole is carried over to the next hole and so on until the next hole is won outright. That player receives all the points for the holes that were carried over.
  • Nassau a three point game with one point being awarded for winning the front nine, one point for winning the second nine, and one for the overall eighteen. The point or value of each side is agreed before playing. Presses are an important variation to the standard Nassau (see below).
  • Low Ball Low Ball/Low Total players agree to the value of points awarded per hole prior to the match. A point(s) is awarded to the player with the lowest score for each hole. For foursomes, pairs compete against each other, a point is awarded to the player with the lowest score and to the pair with the lowest total for that hole.
Games for Threesomes:
  • Nine each hole is worth nine points. The outright winner earns 5 points, the runner up 3 points and the loser gets 1 point. If two tie for low ball, they get 4 points each, the loser 1 point. If two tie for runner up, they get two points each. IF there is a three-way tie, each player gets 9 points. At the end of the match, the points are totaled and the differences calculated.
  • Six Point Six points are awarded on each hole. Clear low ball is awarded 4 points. Clear second low ball earns 2 points. Tie for second low ball, 1 point to each player. Two tie for the low ball, 3 points for each player. All tie for low ball, 2 points for each player
Presses are side games designed to allow players or teams losing a Nassau or similar game to get back into it. While the original game continues, a second match is initiated with a press.
For example, if player A is down two holes in the match standing on the 7th tee, they can initiate a press. If player B accepts the press, they now have a Nassau for the complete front nine, and a Nassau for the 7th, 8th, and 9th holes. If player A wins two of the three holes, they win the press but still lose the Nassau for the front nine.

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