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Safety concerns when cleaning your gutters or roof:

  • Always use gutter guards: gutter guards are aluminum supports that are inserted into the holes on the side of the ladder and will give lateral stability to the ladder. (This will also save yourself from a nasty fall!)
  • Gutter guards are also helpful because the ladder is supported by your roof instead of the gutters, preventing dents and damage.
  • Never go on the roof when it is windy, raining, or freezing. Pick a dry sunny day for best results.
  • Always carry the ladder properly to prevent injury or damage to your house.
  • Trimming back branches that are touching or hanging above your gutter system is recommended. This will prevent clogging of your gutters as well as make cleaning a lot easier.

Ladder safety:
  • Watch for wires, branches, and overhangs when moving ladders.
  • Use extreme caution when working near electrical service cables. Use only wood or fiberglass ladders.
  • Provide level, stable footing for ladders and scaffolding. Install sturdy blocking under the legs of the ladders if the ground is uneven or soft.
  • Position ladder so the flat tops of the D-Shaped rungs are facing up, parallel to the ground.
  • Gutter guards are always recommended as a safety issue as well as preventing damage to your gutters’ exterior.

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