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"Never bet with anyone who has a deep tan, squinty eyes and a one-iron in his bag." - Dave Marr

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Whole-in-one Home Services
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This is an introduction to the many services Whole-in-One home services can provide for you and your home.

The perfect swing! See more!

You will save a great deal of time, money and aggravation over the years if you find a good handyperson who will help you with routine and emergency jobs. Also contained in this site are various pictures, stories, audio and video clips compiled by Whole-in-One's owner during the many years he enjoyed doing tournament setup at events such as the US OPEN, SKINS GAME, WEST COAST CLASSIC, POINT GREY CHALLENGE, and the SHELL's WONDERFUL WORLD OF GOLF.

You are invited to browse the site and enjoy the many different aspects of Whole-in-One and what a Whole-in-One can mean for you and your home. Unfortunately, good handypersons are a dying breed. Most maintenance people these days are specialists. Whole-in-One is dedicated to providing you, the home owner, with a complete home maintenance solution and like a good handyperson, Whole-in-One is available at practically any time and we do quality work at a reasonable cost.

For a consultation or a free in-home estimate, phone Don at (604) 619-DEAL or send us an email.

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